Global Credit Services: A passion for insight

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ClearPath Credit Solutions represent the credit industry’s most flexible and comprehensive suite of tools that enables you to make informed decisions about your prospects, customers, counterparties, and suppliers within our active coverage universe that includes financial data and news for over 50,000 publicly traded companies.

Whether you’re looking to scratch the surface, or take a deep dive into a company’s inner workings, ClearPath gives you three main avenues of help — each with its own list of unique features and functions.

Gain the authoritative edge.

We understand a Credit Manager’s or Procurement Manager's day-to-day role — your say isn’t always final say, you need to persuade others to your point of view, your professional recommendation. ClearPath Credit Solutions arms you with more than just stats; our approach to reporting and scoring gives you enough information, background and company insights to present your decisions with authority and confidence. Everybody promises a competitive edge — Global Credit Services promises an authoritative one.

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