Global Credit Services: A passion for insight

For over 50,000 publicly-traded companies, ClearPath Scoring Insights are based on industry-specific scoring models that deliver a company’s 360º financial position with refreshing clarity. You’ll find our methodologies disciplined and consistent, and our metrics 100% objective.

Algorithm button pushers we are not.

We’re researchers. We’re analysts. And, we’re able to condense 150-page 10-K’s down to only a few pages — because we realize that depth of credit analysis is critical to your role as risk manager.

Scoring super-models

Scoring models are not created equal. Based entirely on proven, real-world experiences, Global Credit Services’ industry-specific models are built with scorecard variables — from financial statement metrics to agency ratings and other quantitative and qualitative data. These variables are carefully weighted and integrated into the final score; and all scores are mapped into intuitive rating categories.

Portfolio Management Tools

Create an unlimited number of portfolios — any way you choose. Segment by industry, by geography, by analyst, management team, or line of business; you’re in complete control. Even, add your monthly trade file as a separate portfolio. Use sorting, filtering and grouping tools to create custom views to review all critical data elements by portfolio. Identify, quantify, and limit risk for specific segments of your customer accounts, and turn your exception credit risk analysis into a quick and efficient process.

Data Feeds

ClearPath Insights provides all the data you’ll ever need for credit decision making. Data feeds include business news, financial statements, public-records information, SEC filings, agency issuer ratings, bond characteristics and ratings, stock prices, even currency exchange rates, and hundreds of pre-calculated ratios.

Full Range of Reports

With ClearPath Insights, the depth of financial information and insight at your fingertips is remarkable.
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