Global Credit Services: A passion for insight

ClearPath Analyst Insights Reports & Webinars

Our Analysts apply their market wisdom to report on the topics clients need to build their most informed opinions, recommendations and decisions. Here are some examples of how they share their analytical insights:

  • Credit Opinion

    Based on careful review of financial statement data and predictive metrics, well-considered opinions and GCS Ratings are generated about operational performance, liquidity, leverage, general business and peer group conditions, to name just a few.

  • Bank Reference

    Learn about a company’s liability-side liquidity and cash availability — as well as a thorough analysis of outstanding borrowings, facility availability, maturity dates, and covenant identification and compliance. 

  • Same-Store Sales

    A key indicator in the ever-changing retail world. Our reports include critical comparable store sales data and analysis of “real” sales growth/decline trends. 

  • Trade Survey

    A privately-held company’s paying habits serve as a window to the bigger picture. Our analysis includes trade survey data and supplier-specific commentary. 

  • Special Alert

    The very latest developments on key factors affecting credit quality — including interim financial, operating and/or management updates, and bankruptcy proceeding, notifications, and filings. 

  • Analyst Webinars

    Hugely popular with our clients, these real-time and archived presentations on high-risk accounts and industries feature formal remarks by Analysts, together with a productive Q&A session — even access to our downloadable Webinar Archive. 

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