Global Credit Services: A passion for insight

Trade Insights Reports

Delving deeper into the payment experience of public and private companies directly can impact your credit risk scorecards, evaluations, and recommendations - for your customers, vendors and sales prospects. Leverage the data delivered in ClearPath Trade Insights reports to do just that...

  • Company Reports

    Internal Trade Score Report

    Composite score and scores for individual scoring components displayed for the three most recent year-over-year periods - additional payment statistics included in this customizable report format.

  • Payment Portfolio & Payment Score Reports

    Invaluable web-based on-demand reports that integrate thousands of trade data contributors and 20+ million scored U.S. and Canadian Companies to generate payment ratings and trends, trade payment data and benchmark comparisons, company profiles, and summary stats. A powerful trade report card for entire portfolios and individual companies.

  • Payment Data Report

    Up to 100 lines of trade from most recent accounts receivable information provided to Global Credit Services (suppliers are anonymous).

  • Payment Analysis Report

    Trade payment detail including trend analysis, distribution of payables by SIC codes and terms, plus history of trade payment experience.

    Portfolio Reports

  • Internal Trade Data

    Accounts receivable aging data for all accounts with filtering and sorting tools. Also features a monthly update and report archive.

  • Internal Trade Overview (with Trade Scoring)

    View trade portfolios by various data elements, including Global Credit Services' scores and ratings, owings, credit line guideline, agency ratings and net worth metrics. Additional functionality includes drag & drop, sorting, filtering, and grouping to create custom views.

  • Internal Payment Performance (with Trade Scoring)

    Risk distribution displayed by number of customers and accounts receivable amounts. Distribution shown as a graph and in tabular form.

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